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3.C Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to the most commonly encountered questions.

1. How long does it take to retrieve the audit data after the registration?

I have completed the enrollment process and gave time to let the import complete. I am unable to see any data under Audit. I can see all the other fields, and even see message tracing, but just nothing in any of the audit areas. Is there additional time after confirming the API connection to import audit data?


Audit activation is performed on your first login, and it typically takes around 24 hours to be activated on Microsoft side.

2. I have completed the trial registration, but still cannot log in. How long does it take to activate my trial?

I have completed the enrollment process and got a message that the data import was completed, and a Sales Executive will contact me to activate my trial or Core Assessment Program for Core Assessment document, but I have not yet been contacted. 


Usually it takes up to 2-3 working days that you'll be contacted by CoreView Sales Executive. Please check you spam email to assure you did not miss the communication.

3. From which data the audit statistics will be shown up on CoreView portal? What is the limit for exporting of audit stats report in terms of results?

We signed up for Coreview in April of this year and I'm not able to audit stats from prior to ~4/16/2019. I assumed coreview would have pulled in whatever o365 had in terms of audit logs which should have given me 60-90 days of additional audit info prior to April 2019. Can you confirm?  


Our logic is different from Microsoft one: we provide the audit stats starting from the day of subscription activation, and there's unlimited data retention for those clients who acquired SKU:SEC. 

You can export a report on Audit stats for maximum 10'000 results. The data can be filtered and/or aggregated so that you can export relative results. 

As for the legacy SKUs (Professional, Enterprise) the data retention is different, and the following logic is applied: 

  • Users with SKU:PRO see only last 3 months of Audit     
  • SKU:TRIAL last 30 days     
  • SKU:ENT last year

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