The management can be enabled based on the management type in the following ways: 

  1. In case 'None' type of management is set, once you are logged into portal, click management check box placed in the upper right corner. This option is visible only to the operators with management role. You will be asked to insert Global admin credentials with disabled MFA. Once you proceed, the management will be enabled shortly and you will see the management box ticked. 
  2. Basic Management: In this case the operator should know the first part of password that contains 8 characters, and this should typed into 'password' field after clicking on the management box:
  3. If the Advanced Management was activated for your organization, then you will not see the management box as it's enabled automatically once you proceed with any management task. Only operators with Tenant admin role will see and be able to enable and disable the management using management box as it remained visible for them. Still, no credentials will be asked to enable the management in this case as the username and password are generated by CoreView.

Once Management is enabled, CoreView operators will see the ‘Actions’ menu available in most reports presented as well as in ‘User card’ and Management wizard.

Please see how to change management type and more details about each management type in the article "How to change management type: basic vs advanced?"