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2.D CoreView Data Imports for Microsoft 365

CoreView imports data from your Microsoft 365 tenant using three different methods; Full and Partial Imports, each with their own unique timetable.  A brief description of each import method can be found below.

  • Full Import - A customer's CoreView tenant will receive a full import roughly every twenty-four hours.  The actual execution of this import is performed after normal working hours, but the final timing of this is subject to Microsoft's data management practices.  Therefore, we can't guarantee a specific time when the import will run or the import's time to completion.  In addition, there isn't a way for a customer to force a full import.
  • Partial Import - The Partial Import is performed every minute, and provides you with a near real time update of key account information as well as any groups within your the CoreView portal.   Please refer to the attached exhibit for a list of Azure AD (and some Exchange) attributes that are currently included in the Partial Import, as well as any noteworthy limitations.

The article will detail what is imported in near real time, anything else is imported once per day, including Usage Statistics.

You can easily confirm when the last import by navigating to Analyze > Dashboards > Dashboard.  In the upper left side of the Dashboard display, you will see a tile that lists the timestamp for your most recent imports.  A sample of this tile can be found below.  

Partial Import

Azure AD

The following Microsoft 365 Azure AD account object attributes are those whose values which are updated for online users1 when a Partial Import2 is performed. A Partial Import is performed roughly every minute3 and provides you with a near real time update of key account information. A Partial import will only be performed if data associated with any of the following attributes changed since the last successful Partial Import.

For more information and details please check Microsoft documentation here:

  • accountEnabled
  • assignedLicenses
  • assignedPlans
  • businessPhones
  • city ¿
  • companyName ¿
  • country ¿
  • createdDateTime
  • customAttributes (E ETA 21.02)
  • department ¿
  • displayName
  • employeeId
  • givenName
  • id
  • imAddresses
  • jobTitle
  • mail
  • mailNickname
  • mobilePhone
  • onPremisesLastSyncDateTime
  • onPremisesSyncEnabled
  • postalCode ¿
  • preferredLanguage
  • proxyAddresses
  • recipientType (E)
  • recipientTypeDetails (E)
  • state ¿
  • streetAddress
  • surname
  • usageLocation ¿
  • userPrincipalName
  • provisionedPlans
  • officeLocation
  • onPremisesDistinguishedName
  • onPremisesExtensionAttributes
  • onPremisesImmutableId
  • onPremisesSamAccountName


AccountSku available for a tenant are updated during Partial Import so that if a new license is added, it will become available in near real time.

For more information and details please check Microsoft documentation here:

Fields updated:

  • SkuId
  • SkuPartNumber
  • ConsumedUnits
  • PrepaidUnits
  • ServicePlans


Groups and members changes are retrieved in near real time during Partial Import.

For more information and details please check Microsoft documentation here:

Fields updated:

  • Description
  • DisplayName
  • Mail
  • MailEnabled
  • MailNickName
  • OnPremisesLastSyncDateTime
  • OnPremisesSecurityIdentifier
  • OnPremisesSyncEnabled
  • OnPremisesDomainName
  • OnPremisesNetBiosName
  • OnPremisesSamAccountName
  • ProxyAddresses
  • SecurityEnabled
  • Visibility
  • CreatedDateTime
  • RenewedDateTime
  • ResourceProvisioningOptions
  • Members
  • Owners6 


  1. The changes for Microsoft 365 Azure AD account object attributes for online users are visible in the users and exchange reports as well as under User card, but not in the reports not related to online users such as licenses reports, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc. 
  2. A partial import is not available if a CoreView tenant has not granted access to Microsoft GraphAPI.
  3. The time it takes for a Partial (or Full) Import may be subject to any data throttling Microsoft may have in place at that time.
  4. ¿ This icon identifies this attribute is one that is available for use as a License Pool discriminator which is recalculated every 30 minutes.
  5. (E) This identifies attributes retrieved from Exchange 
  6. In case only the owner is modified, then this change won't be captured by the partial import but imported with the full import. In addidion to the owners, any other properties can be changed (add a member and remove it) this way the partial import will import the change.



Published: 06/22/2016

Updated: 03/10/2021

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